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  1. greg09

    Yesterday I posted a video on viewtubetrain. A new one, freshly uploaded on YouTube (less then 24h) with 190 initially views.

    I let the video on your site for more the 1 hour and I made around 4000 points. You know how many views I got from viewtubetrain? Zero. The views on my video aren’t frozen; if I watch it (now) the counter increases immediately the views number.

    In summer, last year the situation was different: a video posted on your site for an hour or two was getting at lest 20-50 views.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. Well, Youtube changes. To be honest, 4,000 points really isn't very much and I'd expect a new video to be promoted a bit longer than an hour to start seeing views. The system seems to still be working but it usually takes at least a full day of promotion to see results.

    You may also want to check out this thread for more information:

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. greg09

    You know what I think?
    1. You post for viewing only the paid views videos, or
    2. Viwetubetrain is banned by the new YouTube algorithm. In plain English the site isn’t working anymore.

    PS: You have edited the title; the original was “Zero Views”. If you want a scam article, I have a PR3 money making blog. How high do you think that article will rank?

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. Hi,

    1. No, the paid views system has nothing to do with the free view train. If you look at the actual videos you watch, you can easily see that they're only the videos in the free train (including the top points videos). You can copy the video codes and log in to each one and see that everything is ranked based on daily points.

    2. I don't think VTT has been "banned". We take steps to not leave a referrer. We also see view increases for the vast majority of our users. It IS possible that either:
    a. There is a change in how views are displayed (both "real" views and views by a video's producer) Maybe youtube has had so many complaints from producers whose own views aren't counting quickly enough for their own satisfaction that they display those immediately and now just let real views catch up? or
    b. MANY sources of views have become "less effective" or
    c. ***It may have something to do that you are from Europe. We've been seeing SUBSTANTIAL delays in views from one part of the world being credited to videos posted in another part of the world. This could have something to do with the way Youtube's regional datacenters work.***

    The fact is that most people seem to have success with the system. We do spot-check videos from time to time and users get views. They don't get thousands of views a day but they do get views. If you read the thread that I posted in my last response, that might relate to your situation, especially concerning the hypothesis of regional datacenters.

    Yes, your title was edited. We take the liberty of editing post titles. Why? Because, very often, someone will post a message like "IT DOES NOT WORK!!!" or "WHY AM I NOT GETTING VIEWS?" because of issues like user error or misunderstanding how the system works. Maybe it's a simple explanation and they can go along their way but if someone were just scanning around to get a feel for things, they'd think this site was a total disaster. You can look at the system and easily tell that the system is used by thousands of people. Satisfied users don't post anything. We've had 2 complaints (including yours) about not getting enough views in the past 3 months and they both came from Europe.

    This site is and always has been legitimate and it does and always has seemed to work. We don't have any moral obligation to allow the forum to be littered with post titles that suggest otherwise just because not everyone gets the number of views they expect or some people misunderstand how the system works. If we really wanted to censor or scam people, we would just delete your posts altogether. You complained about "zero views" because you didn't have 20-50 views with 4,000 points? Or because you didn't get as many views as you got last year? What do you really expect us to do for you? As I said, youtube makes changes. The system works for some people, but maybe it won't work for everyone. Maybe because of something like your region, you're dealing with a special set of circumstances.

    Usually a scam involves someone taking someone else's money. No one is charged to use the free train. You seem to know what you're doing so I doubt it takes you more than about 45 seconds to post a video and put it on automatic train. If you consider something that costs you $0 and takes 45 seconds and gives no one else any sort of profit or gain to be a "scam", that's your prerogative. Obviously your blog is your blog and you can post about a "scam" if you want.

    We didn't HAVE to leave your post up but we did. This is because we want to help you understand how our system works and let you know our understanding as to how the youtube system works. We monitor many videos from many different users from different parts of the world and at different stages of age and view count. We're always testing new things to try to stay ahead of the game. We see different results for different peoiple. If you don't like the system or it isn't working well enough for your expectations, just don't use it!

    Posted 11 years ago #
  5. gyro


    i've noticed looking at you html source that your set autoplay=1 on the youtube video. I've read on a number of forums that youtbe no longer counts these as views whe nthe videos are embeded on an external website. I've tested this out it and it does appear to be the case.

    perhaps it might be an idea to remove the autoplay and find some other way of getting the videos to play automatically so the views count.

    Posted 11 years ago #

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