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  1. A user question has prompted us to do further research into a common phenomenon of YouTube video vies being "stuck" at or around 300 views. The following is our understanding:

    Apparently, up until 300 views, YouTube doesn't really check the validity of the views. The video producer could simply refresh the video 300 times and get the count up. At the 300 view mark, the system moves to a more sophisticated tracking system that ignores views it considers to be "invalid" like repeated views by the producer or by a small number of visitors. Until the "valid" views actually catch up to and exceed the displayed view count, the view count will not move.

    Filters like these are exactly the reason why the ViewTubeTrain system encourages viewers from multiple IPs and not re-viewing a video multiple times within 24 hours. While one's first instinct might be to stop promoting a video, it seems like it might be best to continue promoting so that you can break through the 300 view barrier. The more "invalid" views you generate early on by watching the video yourself, the longer the view count will remain frozen.

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  2. UPDATE: We have recently verified that ViewTubeTrain's guaranteed views ( ) will help producers break through the 300 view barrier within about 3 days. A 5,000 view package will do the trick!

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