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The New ViewTubeTrain System

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  1. As you may have noticed, we have an entirely new view train system. Because of a change last week to YouTube, we have been forced to change from a browser-based train to a toolbar based system.

    Essentially, the toolbar will simply navigate your browser from VTT to YouTube, back to VTT, and then to YouTube, etc. Without the use of iframes, we expect this new system to be much more effective. Of course, the only drawback is that we now require the use of Firefox as the browser and we require the installation of the toolbar as a Firefox add-on. We still use the same system of points and rankings and we still require users to watch the entire video for credit.

    You can read more about the toolbar and how to install it here:

    Please remember these two key usage tips:

    1. When promoting, give VTT its own window. Do your browsing in a separate window.

    2. It is best to sign out of your YouTube account when watching.

    We hope to have a version for Internet Explorer available eventually.

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