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Problems staff ought to address concerning crashes, lost points, etc...

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  • Started 9 years ago by LokisMagus
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  1. A lot of the time if there is a video over an hour long the process lags up. If I am away from the computer this means the program may sit there for hours not doing anything, wasting points I could otherwise earn. If I am gone from the computer for 8 hours then 8 hours is wasted. It is lags up and doesn't go to the next video. This also wastes valuable hit increases for other users, because I cannot browse their videos through YouTube while the computer is sitting there doing nothing.

    The amount of hits a person gets should also be divided bb video length to be fair. Most of the long videos are complete crap anyway, and.the idea that they are hogging the hits the rest of us should be sharing by taking 1 to 3 and a half hours of the time while we only take less than 15 minutes for most videos seems unfair.

    For those with slower computers a long video is also very draining on CPU resources if a person is multi-tasking. This can also create crashes during multi-tasking which is very annoying when you are 2 and a half hours into a video and the browser just crashes from the huge CPU consumption.

    There should be some kind of option to allow users to choose not to play videos that are very lengthy if they don't want to, or an option to auto-skip a specific video that is too long, since it is mostly the same long videos again and again.

    People who cannot afford the cheap advertising for their videos are more likely to use this service, and therefore more likely to have a cheaper PC that these problems come with, and thus to be experiencing these kinds of problems.

    Really I think the program should not allow videos over 45 minutes to begin with for these reasons unless they are paying customers or something.

    I have had this problem on multiple computer systems, so I assume others are having the same problem/

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Hi, I'll think about blocking longer videos. When the system was originally designed, YouTube only allowed videos to be 10 minutes max, so I can understand that this might be an issue.

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