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Huge flaw in this system

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  • Started 15 years ago by TCsolar
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  1. not sure how to adress this, but basicly you dont have to do anything to get views.

    i have promoted 2 video's so far, one has 140.000 points now, made in a few days, the other one only 2k (3 video's watched) and they BOTH have the same views linked from viewtubetrain.

    The problem? it doenst matter if you watch video's yourself! you get the same video views, sorry to say it! there might be 24 hours of material to watch, but when i look at the links, only 5 different people (yes 5!!!) have eventually reached my video. the rest just sits down the list knowing they get watched anyway.

    really, only 5 different people.

    you can solve this problem! let people get to 10k points first, before they can promote their own video. after that, if they do not login in 7 days, they loose all the points again.

    it sounds tough, but this way you ensure only REAL members use this system, and it prevents people like me and 5 others watching all video's for other people who are to lazy todo the same.

    i hope you guys can do something with this!

    Posted 15 years ago #
  2. Well, I think you're misunderstanding a few things...

    1. I think you're misunderstanding how Youtube's stats work. They don't give you stats on where your views come from. Those stats are CLICK stats and they don't actually tell you how many people view your videos on a given URL. The vast majority of views are on this site.

    2. If you have only promoted your videos one or two times, you're probably lower on the list than you think. The videos at the top of the list, especially the top 4, get a lot more views than you're probably seeing.

    3. As far as how the system works, remember that the list ranking ranks first on DAILY points, not all-time points... So with your 140K all-time point video, if you don't have any points today, all someone has to do is get one point today and their video is shown before yours. This is what encourages people to stay active.

    Bottom line, active users get plenty more views.

    Posted 15 years ago #

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